ORIJEN Grain Free Tundra Adult Freeze Dried Dog Food

Help your dog thrive with ORIJEN TUNDRA Freeze Dried Medallions. This ORIJEN freeze dried dog food and topper is a concentrated source of animal protein that's freeze dried to lock in the rich nutrients and flavor of raw animal ingredients. With a Biologically Appropriate recipe, this high protein dog food is based on what your canine's ancestors consumed in the wild. Containing up to 90 percent quality animal ingredients*, ORIJEN grain free** freeze dried dog food provides a high protein diet. Ingredients include venison, duck, wild-caught flounder, whole herring, lamb, wild boar and goat, giving your dog a strong source of protein, vitamins and minerals. ORIJEN WholePrey ingredients including organs and bones provide your dog with the most succulent and nutrient-rich parts of prey. Serve this dog food as a nutrient-rich meal by adding warm water and stirring or enhance your dog's favorite meal by crumbling ORIJEN TUNDRA freeze dried medallions and using them as a dog food topper. Our included fresh ingredients are delivered refrigerated and our included raw ingredients are delivered frozen.
*Approximate 90%, and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients.
**Produced in a facility that also processes grains

Why We Love It

  • One (1) 6 oz bag of ORIJEN TUNDRA Freeze Dried Medallions Dog Food & Topper
  • ORIJEN freeze dried dog food is a concentrated source of animal protein that can be served as a meal or used as a dog food topper
  • Grain free** freeze dried dog food containing up to 90 percent quality animal ingredients*, including WholePrey ingredients like bones and organs to mimic what your dog's ancestors consumed in the wild

ORIJEN pet foods help cats and dogs thrive, fueling their day-to-day lives and keeping them healthy and strong. With rich inclusions of Wholeprey animals, ORIJEN foods are made with the most nutrient-dense, succulent parts of the prey to deliver the nutrition dogs need. The result is a diet that helps your companion reach their full biological potential.