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At Concord Pet Foods in Dover we see a ton of problems due to nutrition.  Generally, the dog or cat isn’t getting something it needs or there is an ingredient or ingredients that the animal is having a reaction to.   Over shedding is the most common issue we deal with, followed by waxy ears or ear infections and excessive paw licking or chewing.  So, through the years I have developed a plan to fixing these complications.   Plan A: If you are feeding food, treats or human food with wheat, soy, and/or sorghum (generally grocery store brands) in them then at this point we need to eliminate all of them.  Do this for 60-90 days.  It takes 30 days to get whatever is causing the allergy out of the body.  Plan A foods to switch to:  Country Naturals chicken or pork, Professional chicken or lamb, Verus chicken, lamb, or fish, Artemis chicken, or Precise chicken or lamb. Plan B: We will at this time eliminate grain entirely.  Grain can cause other issues such as rashes, obesity, and diabetes as well.  Grains include rice, barley, oatmeal, and millet, again giving a 60-90 day window to see results. Plan B foods to switch to:  Country Naturals g/f chicken or fish, Read More Ask the Experts! Bobby from Concord Pet @ Dover

Winter may not be the peak time for traveling with dogs—but the season definitely has beauties and benefits all its own. Not only will you find lower prices at many destinations but you’ll also find lighter crowds. Lower occupancy rates at all but ski resorts and tropical getaways also mean that many properties may be more flexible with their pet policies, sometimes welcoming larger dogs (or more dogs per room) than they do during peak months.

Rodrigo is a jumper. Blue was a jumper. Zoey is a jumper. The one thing these three dogs have in common is the herding breed – Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler. Why Do Dogs Jump? Rodrigo jumps to get a closer look at something I have – a treat, a toy, a peanut; it could be the mail – he wants to do a sniff test; and maybe a taste. Blue jumped for a kiss. This is one of many ways Zoey is so similar to Blueberry. They were both affectionate and jumping was part of our day. Jumping Dates Back to the Wolf Packs Andrew Horan of Citizen K9 LLC, who is certified in canine training and behavior, shared that the “ritual of jumping is far more primal than that. When wolves would go out and hunt, they would drag the day’s meal back to the pack. ”I couldn’t associate this with our dogs’ behavior at first, but then Andrew shared that the “younger wolves would often try to get a taste of whatever was for dinner by jumping up and licking the adult wolf’s mouth. The taste of the kill added excitement, and the jumping paid off because they got a taste of it, so this behavior continued on to our current day dogs. This is a behavior that has been going on for thousands of years. ” What Our Dogs Are Saying When They Jump Amy Robinson, certified dog trainer and owner of Drool School shared the message that dogs may be trying to deliver in their jumping… 1.

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Come celebrate National Senior Citizen Day with our Dover store! Our pets age a lot faster than humans and sometimes aging can be tough for them! Let’s help them age gracefully! Check out the wide assortment of natural remedies and solutions Concord has to offer our senior pets! Everything from hips to hearts. All senior pet supplements will be 20% off! Edgehill Shopping Center.

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​Kids, cats and dogs seem to go seamlessly together, but there’s many things to consider before making this life-altering decision. This triple “W” concept is also somewhat intermingled when it comes to buckling down and making this important choice and some prospective pet owners may not have all the facts. WHO: For example, the term “who” usually means you and your family or it might refer to who you’ll actually be getting a pet from … will it be a breeder, shelter or rescue organization?