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It was reported a few years ago that more canned pet food diets were fed in Europe than dry food. That might not be the case now with the marketing from big commodity diets chasing dollars, but it was the case for certain not long ago.

As the weather gets warmer, the flea and tick season starts, and our furry friends find themselves plagued with blood sucking parasites. Unfortunately, much like bacteria has become resistant to antibiotics, many areas have seen their flea and tick population become resistant to traditional spot on products.  Most people that I know don’t know that there are alternative treatments on the market that actually work, so I thought I’d write a blog about some of the products that I’ve personally used and can testify that they work.

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Come celebrate National Senior Citizen Day with our Dover store! Our pets age a lot faster than humans and sometimes aging can be tough for them! Let’s help them age gracefully! Check out the wide assortment of natural remedies and solutions Concord has to offer our senior pets! Everything from hips to hearts. All senior pet supplements will be 20% off! Edgehill Shopping Center.

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​Kids, cats and dogs seem to go seamlessly together, but there’s many things to consider before making this life-altering decision. This triple “W” concept is also somewhat intermingled when it comes to buckling down and making this important choice and some prospective pet owners may not have all the facts. WHO: For example, the term “who” usually means you and your family or it might refer to who you’ll actually be getting a pet from … will it be a breeder, shelter or rescue organization?