Tips for trimming your bird’s nails

Trimming your bird’s nails has never been known to be a fun job but it may be better than getting the nails lodged into your back if they become too long. Here are some tips for trimming your bird’s nails according to Alyson Burgess of

Right equipment
Rather than using regular nail clippers that may not be as precise, you may be able to find clippers that are more suited for your bird. Ask your local pet store for assistance. Also, be prepared with some styptic powder in case you cut a little too deep into the quick – the blood vessel in the nail.

Cover your bird
Your bird will get very jumpy during this process because they don’t like having their nails trimmed. According to Burgess, covering them up with a towel will reduce their anxiety while cutting.

Trim just the tip
You don’t want to cut too far or you will cut into the quick in the bird’s claw. If that does happen, use the styptic powder fast before the nail bleeds too much. Your goal should only be to cut off the sharp point on the end, not shorten the nail.

Work with pace
Being as how there’s a towel over the bird’s body, don’t be slow about how you work. While you want to be precise, don’t get distracted and lose focus on cutting the bird’s nails.