PetSafeĀ® Remote Trainers

PetSafe® Remote Trainers use a handheld remote to send a signal to your pet's receive collar. The signal activates a stimulation deterring him from an unwanted action or reinforcing a verbal command during obedience training.

Our Remote Trainers puts the solution to unwanted behaviors in the palm of your hand. Choose static, spray, vibration, or ultrasonic products - and before you know it, a behavior you love will replace the one you don't. Then you'll be able to take your pet with you wherever you go and he will obey your commands as if on a leash by your side. That means a lot more freedom for both of you.

PetSafe® Remote Trainers offer a multitude of features, such as a range of distances, waterproof collars, different stimulation modes, tone and vibration options, etc. Our Remote Trainers also offer adjustable stimulation intensity levels (low to high).