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It’s that time of the year again. That magical time of the year when everything - and I do mean everything - gets covered in fur. Couches.  Carpets.  And God forbid if you wear some black pants.  Good luck getting that out.

I don't know about you, but every time I knew I was bringing home a new flock member I was so excited I couldn't think straight.  Emotion just flooded my brain. It's hard to make good decisions about things when you are fired up!

Last year I wrote an article titled Overstaying Your Welcome. In that piece I discussed how pushing or lingering for a result we can't seem to get from our parrot will most certainly result in a bite.

Dog and cats are naturally carnivores receiving the majority of their required nutrients from meat. This has lead pet food manufactures to create grain-free formulas for both dogs and cats promoting that it is healthier and more natural.

One of the two most important skills of being a human flock member is knowing when to disengage. Our human emotional drive tends to get in the way of parrot logic and somebody gets bit. Normally us. This is not the bird's fault, nor does is signify the bird is bad.

Earlier I wrote about creating a Parrot Healthcare System, you can find that article HERE. I'd like to go over the second half of creating your Parrot Healthcare System; the First Aid Kit and Emergency Plan.

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4/28 - 4/28/15
VIP Pet Clinic will be holding low cost vaccinations from 5pm-7pm in our Chestnut Run store. Featuring $15 micro chipping. In the Chestnut Run Shopping Center, 1720 Faulkland Rd.