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Training your dog to go into his crate can be effective for confining him when he can’t be supervised, as well as a place for him to call his own.

It was reported a few years ago that more canned pet food diets were fed in Europe than dry food. That might not be the case now with the marketing from big commodity diets chasing dollars, but it was the case for certain not long ago.

One puppy can quickly become a treasured member of the family, so wouldn't two be twice as nice? Not necessarily! There are many things dog owners need to consider to be sure a new puppy can have a wonderful life in their home without taking away from their first dog. Why Do You Want a New Puppy?

Pet Friendly ice melt – is it really necessary? As winter seems to finally be here, it is important to remember to pick up pet friendly ice melt.  Rock salt and Calcium Chloride can become trapped in between pads and paws resulting in severe irritation and burns.

Montmorillonite clay is a natural ingredient often used in human health foods and sometimes also found in natural pet foods. It is the primary component of a volcanic ash known as betonite, which has been deposited into inland sea waters.

New Year – New Pet Bird With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, now is the time many families decide to add a new pet to the family. If that new pet happens to be a bird, the less stressful the situation that the bird is in the quicker it will adapt to its new environment.

Dogs and cats, like humans, need the natural mineral calcium to support healthy bones for an active lifestyle. But calcium is not made by your pet’s body, so it must come from his diet. Wild dogs and cats get calcium by consuming their entire prey, including the bones.